Flexible Payment Programs for Oil Delivery

Lombardi Oil & Gas is committed to providing our customers with the best value. We understand that each customer has unique situations and budgets, which is why we offer multiple fuel purchasing programs to help make managing heating payments as simple as possible.

Budget Plan

Enjoy the convenience of predictable monthly payments with this easy to manage payment option. Instead of higher amounts in the winter, you can make one consistent payment every month.

  • We will estimate your annual fuel use, based on previous history
  • Then, we will multiply this by projected market rates
  • This amount is divided into 12 even monthly payments
  • You enjoy total convenience with one consistent monthly heating bill

We will review accounts periodically and make necessary and adjustments. Any balance due or credits can be reconciled at the end of annual program.

Fixed Pricing Plan

Lock in a predetermined price per gallon and pay this rate during the entire program. You can select the number of gallons you wish to purchase and pre-pay for your heating oil. Your fuel will be delivered over the course of the program. It’s that simple!

Cap Pricing Plan

We purchase a set number of gallons for you at a capped price and a small fee to secure the cap, you will never pay over this set price for the purchased gallons. However, if the daily price per gallon drops, you pay the lower price. It’s a win- win!

Auto Payment on Credit Card

Enjoy total convenience. Simply set up your payment once!

Prompt Pay Discount

Available for oil delivery payments made within 10 days of delivery.

Find out more about our flexible payment programs!

To request information, use our easy online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.


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