Oil Tank Protection Program

The TankSure® Program is a proactive oil tank replacement program that offers protection for your home, your property, and the environment.

How It Works

Your oil tank corrodes from the inside out. Our TankSure® Program is designed to proactively prevent dangerous oil leaks with ultrasonic tank testing. This helps to minimize unexpected tank failures and is based on a pre-qualifying inspection of your oil tank.


What’s Included

  • $1,000 toward replacement of your tank
  • EPA-approved ultrasonic tank testing
  • Visual inspection to check common tank components such as legs, seams, oil lines, and vent pipes
  • Statistically monitor corrosion of oil tank over time

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Lombardi Oil & Gas customers can sign up for the TankSure® Program independently or take advantage of our high-value service plan packages that include this coverage. All you have to do is sign up! Contact us to get started.

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