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Lombardi Oil & Gas consistently explores new oil heating technologies to promote conservation and energy efficiency. Lombardi Oil & Gas offers professional installation of oil-fired boilers, furnaces, water heaters, heat pumps, and oil tanks to homeowners across our greater Newburyport, MA service area.

Upgrade to High-Efficiency Oil Heating

New high-efficiency heating systems can reduce energy consumption by up to 40%. When you upgrade to a new high-efficiency oil heating system you will take advantage of:

  • Reduced energy costs and fuel usage
  • Quiet operation
  • Better comfort control
  • Superior air flow
  • Increased property value
  • Improved operating safety and efficiency
  • Lower emissions
  • Increased equipment lifespan
  • Less likelihood of breakdowns

The Best Brands Available

We install quality brands of oil boilers and oil furnaces tailored to meet the individual needs of each homeowner, including:
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Professional Installation

Even the highest quality model of boiler or furnace will not perform correctly  if it is not properly selected, sized, and installed. Professional installation by a trained technician ensures maximum efficiency, maximizes lifespan, reduces service issues, and validates equipment warranty. When you contact us for a consult on a new system, we will take the time to determine which solution is the best fit for your home and budget. Once you’ve chosen the equipment, we will schedule our experienced installation team to install the system as efficiently as possible. Our work is only complete when your new system is installed and running to your complete satisfaction.

Have a question about our heating oil equipment and installation?

We’re here to help. Please give our office a call at (978) 465-7200 or contact us here to request information.


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