Reliable Bioheat® Delivery

Lombardi Oil and Gas is proud to offer reliable delivery of premium Bioheat® fuel to customers across the greater Newburyport, MA area. This biofuel is a clean, domestic, renewable, and safe fuel option for those that heat with oil. If you are looking for prompt, worry-free delivery in Northeastern MA or Southern NH, Lombardi Oil & Gas is a locally owned and operated full-service energy provider that is prepared to meet your home heating needs. We are happy to work with you.

Automatic Oil Delivery

We recommend automatic fill for your biofuel heating oil delivery needs. We will monitor your usage and daily weather to provide your worry-free, consistent supply of fuel.

Leave your heating fuel supply in good hands with Lombardi Oil & Gas. Our automatic delivery service is designed for complete convenience. Instead of monitoring your oil tank levels manually, our team will track your oil use and schedule deliveries accordingly.

Automatic delivery offers valuable benefits:

  • Same cost as will-call delivery
  • No run-outs
  • No monitoring


What is biofuel?

Bioheat fuel is produced by combining standard #2 heating oil with renewable and/or reusable resources like recycled grease and plant oils. Produced domestically, it reduces dependency on foreign oil, helps support local business, and creates more jobs in the United States.

Is biofuel right for me?

If you are currently using oil heat, yes. Bioheat fuel is right for your home and the environment, because it requires no modification or change in equipment. It actually helps improve it. It is safer and healthier for your home and the environment, and it helps create American jobs by reducing our need for foreign oil and creating energy independence. The price is consistent with regular fuel prices.

What are the advantages?

  • Biofuel is clean and efficient
  • Biofuel is safe and dependable
  • Biofuel is domestic and renewable
  • Biofuel improves existing equipment efficiency and burns cleaner with fewer emissions

Why choose us?

Lombardi Oil & Gas is one of the only suppliers of Bioheat fuel in our area. We will be purchasing and blending a quality biofuel product, blended specifically to industry standards for best performance and use in equipment. We will personally be blending the product at our Newburyport storage facility to ensure a quality and consistent blend. Blending is at 20%.

How can I order it?

If you are homeowner or business owner located within our service area, simply contact us to start your biofuel oil delivery.


Find out more about Bioheat® delivery!

To learn more or request a delivery, give our office a call at (978) 465-7200.



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If you would like to become a Lombardi Oil & Gas biofuel heating oil delivery customer, please call (978) 465-7200 or email

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